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Hypnotherapy facilitates the space to deeply connect with oneself which provides the opportunity to transcend any issue you are currently experiencing.

Issues that can be transcended with hypnotherapy include:

- Addiction

- Anxiety

- Asthma

- Chronic Pain

- Fears and Phobias

- Smoking

- High Blood Pressure

- Insomnia

- Panic Attacks

- Stress

- Migraines

- Sleep Problems

- Spiritual Blocks

- Weight Loss

Vikki has been trained as a Hypnoenergetics Practioner, this enables her to practice both Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

This unique style of hypnotherapy encompasses the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of who we are.

Vikki provides a free 20 minute telephone consultation to help you decide the best session for you.

A hypnotherapy session can last up to 2 hours.

If you have not experienced hypnotherapy before, Vikki offers a one hour introductory session which will introduce you to the basic principles of Hypnotherapy. A chance to ask and answer questions, target your needs and experience the process towards relaxation and understanding your subconscious and conscious mind.