Elms Wellbeing

Love, Light and Power

Vikki Elms is qualified Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist registered with the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc. (AACHP).  

She offers general hypnotherapy along with Past Life Regression, Hypnoenergetics, Quantum & Universal Consciousness sessions.   As an experienced facilitator, Vikki offers an unconditional space of self-development & inner healing with her unique blend of guidance & support.  She creates a safe & nurturing space to let go of what no longer serves & can assist you to move forward in life feeling lighter & with greater clarity.  

Vikki also offers Reiki treatments, Yoga &  Meditation Classes, Counselling,  Pranayama & Relaxation.

"Sometimes life gets in the way and we just need some support to lift our vibration and to gain the overview."

If you would like to book a session with Vikki phone 0417 012 543 or

email via the contact page.